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Pro-Crete provides services in the following areas:

Waterproofing Services

As a certified installer of Siplast PMMA liquid-applied waterproofing systems, Pro-Crete can design a system specific to your design aesthetic and structural requirements. Reinforced systems are available for use over occupied spaces to create a UV resistant, monolithic, durable finish and in unreinforced applications for use over unoccupied exterior space. Formulations are available for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Roof Decks

Pro-Crete Systems has been installing lightweight insulating concrete roof decks for over 25 years. We use only high quality, well engineered products in our applications. Most commonly found in the southeast U.S. on hospitals, schools and high rise commercial towers; Procrete has accepted and completed challenges of all types.

Flooring Services

Pro-Crete can provide solutions for a variety of your floor system needs. An installer of gypsum toppings and acoustical sound mats for apartment and condo buildings, concrete toppings for renovations and leveling repairs as well as specialty coatings, we’ve got your unique flooring project covered.

Specialty Services

Geotechnical Fills: Most commonly used as a backfill material in the southeast, Procrete has installed thousands of yards in abandoned pipelines, trenches, and slip lines as a backfill material for vibration reduction. This type of material’s benefits include 100% compaction, a broad range of densities and strengths fully customizable to suit your project’s needs as well as excellent freeze thaw resistance and  long term durability. It is easily placed by pump and flows to all spaces to ensure void elimination far better than a traditional flowable fill.